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Landing An Internship In Investment Banking

Landing An Internship In Investment Banking

With the world becoming more connected and businesses getting more global in their operations, the job market scene is inexorably becoming fiercer by the minute. Job-seekers need to proactively expand their suite of skills to meet the rapidly changing demands of the industry of their interest-at each step of their career journey. Internships, in this respect, serve as facilitating platforms, for ambitious students to establish a credible foothold in the industry, company and job of their preference. For, if you view internships as opportunities to hone your technical competence and acquire practical knowledge, then you help yourself in striking an edge before people who have the authority to hand you a potential full-time job offer. But for that to happen, you need to make solid efforts in the direction of your dream job –right from your freshman year! (more…)

A Career In Investment Banking

A career in investment banking

The portrayal of the famous Hollywood Finance villain Gordon Gecko, in the 1987 movie Wall Street won Michael Douglas the Oscar for Best Actor.

Greed is good.” declared Gecko. Investment bankers are perceived to personify this greed, due in no small part to the image of the industry perpetuated by the media and popular culture.

Joris Luyendijk in his book Swimming with Sharks wasn’t far off the mark when he said, “Investment banking is a trap, a game and an addiction. The reward is big, but uncertain, which makes it exciting and keeps you coming back for more.” (more…)