Valuable Future Prospects Of A Social Science Degree

About a decade ago, employers were wary of candidates with a history of job hopping. These candidates were perceived to be a risky proposition, with great doubts being cast over their loyalty.

This was the baby boomer workforce era- when the workforce was stoic and long-term oriented, and it was quite common for professionals to stay with an employer for decades or life. Within an organisation, things moved slowly, and long term associations were a demonstration of personal integrity and professional commitment. (more…)

Selling Yourself With A STEM Degree

The future of the economy is in STEM. That’s where the jobs of tomorrow will be.” -James Brown, Executive Director of the STEM Education Coalition in Washington D.C.

A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) degree can open up a plethora of career avenues in research and innovation. The vital problem solving and critical thinking skills developed through a STEM degree are highly prized in the Oil & Gas, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, and Medical Science industries. With a rigorous training in Science, Mathematics or Statistics, STEM degree holders are naturally equipped to take up quantitative modeling and analysis to solve unique business problems. As our world becomes more technologically integrated and sophisticated, opportunities for STEM individuals are bound to grow by leaps and bounds.


Traversing The Hospitality Career Landscape

Maya Angelou has rightly said “People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” The feeling after a relaxing vacation or a good meal, isn’t always just about the product or the food. It’s about how happy or excited it made you feel. The biggest asset that the hospitality industry has, is making the guests feel comfortable by catering to their specific demands and preferences. From connected rooms that can be controlled through the guests’ smartphones or virtual reality property tours, the industry is employing cutting-edge technologies to deliver a better experience. The services extend beyond the hotel property to include all aspects of guests’ experience from travel to recreation and entertainment. These changes are creating a diverse array of job opportunities for fresh hospitality graduates.

Executive MBA As A Medium To Accelerate Your Career Trajectory

What started as an experiment by Chicago Booth in 1943 to impart busy executives with management education has now evolved into a standard program for most global business schools. An Executive MBA is structured to accelerate the careers of mid-level managers or senior executives by providing them with a platform to refresh their skill sets, learn about the developing industrial landscape and polish leadership skills. If a professional wishes to climb up the career ladder without giving up their job, or their current professional endeavors, then EMBA is surely the way to go!
Professionals can expect to be offered higher salaries or more important job roles once they complete their EMBAs.


Exciting Trends Reshaping The Computer Science Industry

“The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim,” said Edsger W. Dijkstra, the Dutch systems scientist, programmer, science essayist, and early pioneer in Computing Science. The lines between science fiction and reality are blurring and it won’t be long before we can access our own virtual personal assistant like Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. The revolutionary trends redefining the limits of computing are also leading to an equally diverse and exponentially expanding career space.

Read on to explore some of the hottest trends in Computer Science:


Career Avenues In The Communications Industry

“Communication- the human connection- is the key to personal and career success.”- Paul J. Meyer

The Communications sector now associated with glitz and glamour started off with humbler beginnings. The genesis of ‘mass communication’ can be traced to the 15th century printing presses when newspapers and books were mass produced and mass distributed for the first time. Technological advancements since, especially the invention of the world-wide web, have revolutionized the Communications sector so much so that the focus of communications media has shifted towards creativity and generating a ‘buzz’. In film, social media content, and advertising the Communications industry is driving consumer engagement globally.
If you are intrigued by the fast-paced and creative world of communications, read on to find out a few careers in communication you can explore.


The Actuarial Science And Risk Management – Career Landscape

The recent trend in the widely-coveted jobs market has been an increasing interest in actuarial science and risk management. Every industry or company is confronted with the challenge of handling big unstable numbers and thus, the need for professionals who can predict and supposedly control these numbers is direly felt. has gone as far as proclaiming an actuary as “part super-hero, part fortune-teller, part trusted advisor.” Since actuaries and financial risk managers today are so important for the financial analysis of every project, company or venture, they are highly revered and substantially remunerated.


5 Exciting Careers To Pursue In Technology

It’s an exciting time to be in the tech-industry! Forces of automation, big data, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are unleashing a new wave of revolution, popularly called as the Revolution 4.0. Consequently, many interesting technology careers have emerged in a variety of spheres like engineering, marketing, network security, designing, etc., which promise an unrelenting pursuit of innovation and development for the professionals.


Landing An Internship In Investment Banking

Landing An Internship In Investment Banking

With the world becoming more connected and businesses getting more global in their operations, the job market scene is inexorably becoming fiercer by the minute. Job-seekers need to proactively expand their suite of skills to meet the rapidly changing demands of the industry of their interest-at each step of their career journey. Internships, in this respect, serve as facilitating platforms, for ambitious students to establish a credible foothold in the industry, company and job of their preference. For, if you view internships as opportunities to hone your technical competence and acquire practical knowledge, then you help yourself in striking an edge before people who have the authority to hand you a potential full-time job offer. But for that to happen, you need to make solid efforts in the direction of your dream job –right from your freshman year! (more…)

Is An Executive MBA Right For You?

Is An Executive MBA right for you?The decision to study for an MBA or EMBA degree is not taken lightly. The search will begin for a best-fit programme several years before the programme starts and will take in to account such things as location, reputation, faculty (teaching as well as research), value for money, career prospects, alumni engagement, values of the school and its character. All are important, but the last two are unique and will ultimately become part of who you, as an alum are.

It’s time intensive but this level of ‘reconnaissance’ will not be wasted, and done correctly you’ll be on the right path and studying MBA programs that will help you discover who you are, dream of what you want to be and give you the determination to achieve your goals. (more…)