The Actuarial Science And Risk Management – Career Landscape

The recent trend in the widely-coveted jobs market has been an increasing interest in actuarial science and risk management. Every industry or company is confronted with the challenge of handling big unstable numbers and thus, the need for professionals who can predict and supposedly control these numbers is direly felt. has gone as far as proclaiming an actuary as “part super-hero, part fortune-teller, part trusted advisor.” Since actuaries and risk managers today are so important for the financial analysis of every project, company or venture, they are highly revered and substantially remunerated.


5 Exciting Careers To Pursue In Technology

It’s an exciting time to be in the tech-industry! Forces of automation, big data, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are unleashing a new wave of revolution, popularly called as the Revolution 4.0. Consequently, many interesting technology careers have emerged in a variety of spheres like engineering, marketing, network security, designing, etc., which promise an unrelenting pursuit of innovation and development for the professionals.


Landing An Internship In Investment Banking

Landing An Internship In Investment Banking

With the world becoming more connected and businesses getting more global in their operations, the job market scene is inexorably becoming fiercer by the minute. Job-seekers need to proactively expand their suite of skills to meet the rapidly changing demands of the industry of their interest-at each step of their career journey. Internships, in this respect, serve as facilitating platforms, for ambitious students to establish a credible foothold in the industry, company and job of their preference. For, if you view internships as opportunities to hone your technical competence and acquire practical knowledge, then you help yourself in striking an edge before people who have the authority to hand you a potential full-time job offer. But for that to happen, you need to make solid efforts in the direction of your dream job –right from your freshman year! (more…)

Is An Executive MBA Right For You?

Is An Executive MBA right for you?The decision to study for an MBA or EMBA is not taken lightly. The search will begin for a best-fit programme several years before the programme starts and will take in to account such things as location, reputation, faculty (teaching as well as research), value for money, career prospects, alumni engagement, values of the school and its character. All are important, but the last two are unique and will ultimately become part of who you, as an alum are.

It’s time intensive but this level of ‘reconnaissance’ will not be wasted, and done correctly you’ll be on the right path and studying for a programme that will help you discover who you are, dream of what you want to be and give you the determination to achieve your goals. (more…)

Unravelling The World Of Big Data

Unravelling The World Of Big Data

We are living in a world where the reality of a tidal wave of big data is upon us. And the force as well as the layers propelling this sea of data are enormous. Every transaction, operational task, discussion and indeed decision in the business world is increasingly finding its roots in some snippet of data sprouting in the course of business activities. Amidst this ever-growing dependence on data analysis, machine learning and cognitive business intelligence, what must a candidate vying for a fulfilling job-role in the field possess in terms of capabilities? (more…)

The Modern Marketing Career Landscape

The Modern Marketing Career Landscape

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. –Peter Drucker

Starbucks serves as the pinnacle example for countless business case studies and successful marketing stories. Yet, one simple principle that appears to stand out over the course of the last three decades of its solid popularity is-that customers come first. From programs offering birthday perks and loyalty rewards, the company has managed to look beyond its comfort zone primarily by leveraging data to segment the user-demographic and offer the best experience to its loyal customers. (more…)

Do Entrepreneurs Need An MBA?

Do entrepreneurs need an MBA?

The word ‘entrepreneur’ springs to mind, names such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer-the indisputable, almost larger-than-life ambassadors of the tech industry and the business world at large. Those seeking to create an independent foothold in the start-up world, invariably find themselves flipping through detailed chronicles of their journey, dissecting key drivers for their resounding success. One curious insight that never fails to gather a lot of attention is the fact that they decided to forego their degrees to pursue entrepreneurial dreams. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard while Ballmer left Stanford to join Microsoft and his fellow sophomore-Gates. Their achievements with their dramatic impact on the digital world have alluringly made their decision to drop out of college, a template in itself for young graduates eyeing their place in the start-up industry. (more…)

An Overview Of Growth Hacking

An Overview of Growth Hacking

The concept of growth hacking is becoming increasingly prevalent. According to Google Trends, searches for the term ‘growth hacking’ have witnessed a constant increase since 2012.

As the number of corporate venture firms have quadrupled between 2012 and 2015 too, the startup craze has spawned a lot of interest in growth hacking to achieve business goals.

Building a business with growth in mind is a very different approach from considering a business decision with performance indicators such as revenue in mind. Now seen as the future of companies, growth hacking challenges the ways companies conduct businesses. (more…)

Breaking Into Venture Capital

Breaking into Venture Capital

Landing a position at a venture capital firm is quite a challenge.

Looking for even an entry-level position in venture capital is actually preparing for the long haul as it may be years before one is available. There is far more demand for venture capital jobs than there is supply. The competition for an entry-level position is also with people who are already playing the venture capital game at some level; they own their own business, or they have worked in several start-ups, or they have the finance part of it down pat. The small size of the industry and few open roles (less than 10,000 open positions open globally each year) ensure that most people have stumbled into the industry rather than actively pursued a career in venture capital. (more…)

An Overview Of The Venture Capital World

An Overview of the Venture Capital World

As the exciting, fast-moving world at the intersection of entrepreneurship and finance, venture capital attracts numerous starry-eyed students from the best business schools in the world each year.

Venture capital provides a unique and interesting entrepreneurial environment to professionals, offering exposure to a variety of companies and technologies as opposed to being withheld by a single investment or idea. It is a highly lucrative career path, both for professional development and financial success. For graduates fresh out of undergraduate programs, working in venture capital provides continuous exposure to up and coming entrepreneurial ventures and ideas in varied industries. (more…)