Navigating The First Semester At B-School

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” –  Nelson Mandela.

For someone looking to pursue higher education or make a career switch, an MBA can be a major milestone, one that will significantly impact one’s career and future. Stepping into the role of a b-school student involves embarking on a vital phase of your career journey. And the first semester can prove crucial in shaping the next two years and the lessons you take beyond the classroom.


Leveraging First Year Internships To Propel Career Growth

Students venturing into college life arrive with a lot of excitement, energy, and are simultaneously a bundle of anxious nerves. The first-year academic calendar is a rollercoaster ride, packed with activities like social mixers, club auditions, guest lectures, seminars, early morning classes and tests. Frenzied students can be seen sprinting around the college campus, trying to stay on top of it all. As a first year student, you know what we’re talking about; the transition is anything but easy!

Being swamped up year-long leaves you with little time to map out your career with the theories and lessons of the classroom. To fully comprehend the lessons and develop your skill sets, practical experience is vital. An internship at the end of your first year can open up opportunities that might otherwise be missed with so many things vying for your attention. (more…)

Questions To Pose And Avoid At Career Fairs

To make an impact in the business sphere, students need to stay on the pulse of latest business strategies, market dynamics, and evolving business models. As the saying goes “those who read shall lead”.

There’s no shortage of content so the first question is – where to start? Leaders like Bill Gates, Ben Horowitz, Elon Musk, etc. have all carved out a niche for themselves through their innovative business endeavours. Following their reading routine and recommendations is a great first step.

We curated a list of books that are packed with insights and should be a worthy addition to your personal library. All recommendations have been highly touted, garnering rave reviews from industry experts and business professionals alike. (more…)

Resume Tips For Engineers

Resume Tips for Entry-level Engineers

When foraying into the job market, a strategically planned and well-crafted resume is the most powerful marketing weapon in an applicant’s arsenal. Awareness about this fact is the first correct step towards a job meant for you.

Despite a wide array of specialised skills under their belt, many engineers tend to pitch and sell themselves short. Not only that, an engineering resume is slightly difficult to pull off as engineering jobs are technical in nature, and people screening these resumes are usually from non-technical backgrounds, due to which a levelling ground needs to be created. (more…)

What Employee Engagement Means For Millennials

What Employee Engagement Means For Millennials

There are only three measurements that tell you nearly everything you need to know about your organization’s overall performance: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow. – Jack Welch

The shape of workforce demographics has undergone a vast shift in the recent decade, globally. Understandably, career aspirations, interests and trajectories have seen a marked transformation as a result of heightened global connectivity and the significant rise of a segment of job seekers known as the ‘Millennials’. (more…)

How To Break Out Of A Career Rut

How To Break Out Of A Career Rut

There comes a time in our lives when challenges appear to be never-ending and insurmountable. As you trudge along to another Monday morning, do you feel a sense of constricting dread to enter your work premises? Do you enter into a ceaseless debate with yourself to find one exciting activity to undertake during the day? Disengagement with work can show up in many forms. From stretching a two-hour task to a 10-hour exercise fraught with revisions and queries to rushing to submit a project at the last minute.
When you are struggling to reach the end of the week and then praying against all odds to have a peaceful, work-free weekend, you are swimming in the tides of what is called a ‘career rut’. (more…)

Letting Go Of Stress At Work

Letting Go Of Stress At Work

You have grabbed your daily energizing cup of coffee from the local barista, wolfed down breakfast on the way to the barista and are now maneuvering your car out of the parking lot to tactfully beat the morning rush hour-by 2 minutes! You almost feel victorious, when you witness a road-sign “DIVERSION! WORK-IN-PROGRESS-TURN LEFT” on the highway close to your place. This is almost the right time for the stress hormone-cortisol, in your body to go in an overdrive.

Stress can manifest itself in varied forms and at the oddest of times. And when it does, the overwhelming tightening of our insides makes us wonder- “Why me?”. (more…)

The Top 5 Skills For MBA Success

The Top 5 Skills for MBA Success

Today’s MBA students will graduate to a fast-changing job market. In comparison to other degrees, an MBA still opens doors to opportunities broader than degrees in specialized fields, as MBA students acquire marketable, transferrable skills suited to positions in just about any industry.

However, the competition for jobs amongst MBAs itself continues to remain fierce, with the school awarding the degree continuing to be more important than the degree specifics.
After all, research shows more than 1/3rd of top managerial positions are held by MBAs from Ivy League schools. (more…)

The Basics Of Job Crafting

The Basics of Job Crafting

The nature of work is changing rapidly, the world over.

Globalization of talent and opportunities has increased competition, the advent of a gamut of technologies has transformed the workplace and mechanized several economic activities. Job roles are increasingly shaped as one-size-fits all, and job descriptions are increasingly becoming confined to specific responsibilities and skills.

Amidst serious pressure and expectations to make the right career decisions, jobs cannot be simply a means to an end, but should be personally or professionally fulfilling milestones- especially for students just starting out.  (more…)

5 Vital Strategies To Future Proof Your Career

6 Vital Strategies To Future Proof Your Career

The wise Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote, “Change is the only constant.”

And how right he was, because if he was confronted with any of the prevalent job descriptions of today, he would truly be baffled. And he would not be alone.

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), nearly 70% of children starting primary school in 2016 will leave school to hold jobs that do not currently exist.
The fourth industrial revolution is underway, developments in fields like robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), nanotechnology and biotechnology are building and amplifying one another to result in an exponential rate of change,  where the “speed of current breakthroughs has no historical precedent.” (more…)