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6 Amazing TED Talks For MBA Students

In the ever growing business world, any firm, big or small, needs leaders. Not just the ones who are running the firm but emerging leaders from various facets that can take the business forward. And for B-School students, it becomes even more crucial to embody some of the most important traits that translate to leadership success. With that in mind, here is a list of 6 of the best and most inspiring TED talks that an MBA student must watch.

  1. Amy Cuddy- Body Language

Almost 80% of our communication tends to be non-verbal. And you communicate a lot, all through your stint at B-School. From presentations in class and competitions, to multiple interviews, your body language can effectively change the outcomes you desire. Thus, this video from Amy Cuddy is a must watch. It serves as a great reference to avoid the pitfalls that you could possibly make, as well as to possibly gain a few admirers (and potential offers). Try out the “Power Poses” that are discussed in the video, and you might consider taking on Hulk once you are done watching. Even if you don’t, you would still feel a difference in the way your attitude evolves once you start communicating with people.

  1. Simon Senek- How great leaders inspire action

“Why” should you watch this video by Simon Senek? It’s not just because it is one of the best TED talks for MBAs on leadership. It’s not just because he uses Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Wright brothers as his examples. It’s not because he wants everyone else to follow the footsteps of these men. It’s because he wants everyone to instill in themselves a sense of being a rebel. He makes the point that not everything can be achieved by going ‘by the book’. You need to ask the why’s behind every task, something which he demonstrates with the help of the “golden circle”. If you dare to be different from the crowd in thoughts, actions and communication, then this TED talk is a must watch, especially if entrepreneurship is something that interests you. 

  1. Julian Treasure- Five ways to listen better

Dissecting one more important aspect of communication- Listening, Julian Treasure talks about us losing our listening quality, as a society. A trait that students need a lot, thanks to endless classes and presentations. This, he argues, is because of a permanently noisy environment, and because we have become impatient and a tad insensitive. He then goes on to discuss 5 techniques of improving our conscious learning, which are, Silence, The Mixer, Savoring, Listening Positions and RASA. The Master of Sound then finishes the talk by saying that if we listen closely to each other, we can understand each other much better, thus making the world a much more peaceful place. Which would eliminate the possibility of Batman in existence, but, oh well!

  1. Richard St John- 8 Secrets of Success

You are always short of time while you are studying at a B-School. In between the case study you need to prepare for, competition you need to participate in, and student club duties that lurk around the corner, you barely get time. Keeping that in mind, Richard St. John rattles off 8 secrets of success at a breakneck speed to finish the (smallest ever) TED talk in nearly 3 minutes. Sure, they might not be secrets, but in the fast moving MBA life, we often tend to forget the obvious. Richard’s video is an inspiring TED talk video for upcoming business tycoons. Watch it for a quick reminder of some of the most important tools for success, and of course, for Richard giving Flash and Quicksilver a run for their money.

  1. Steven Johnson- Where good ideas come from

“An idea can change your life!” is not just the tagline of an Indian cellular giant, but something which should be present in the subconscious mind of anyone who aspires to join the corporate world. Whether it was putting an “i” in a pod, or creating a networking site for the people you know, an idea can revolutionize the world and leave an enduring impact. But, where do these ideas come from? And why to only a handful of people? Steven’s answer is simple- build a wide pool of mental resources that serve as the building blocks of creativity, and you also could be the owner, possessor and wielder of an idea that could spark a paradigm shift. Or at the very least, make your corporate life much more interesting. It is widely regarded as one of the most motivational TED talks, and rightly so!

  1. Sheryl Sandberg- Why we have too few women leaders

As one of the most recognized and respected women in the technological world, Sheryl Sandberg offers her take on the conundrum of corporate inequality. She drops some cold, hard facts which only furthers the question, why isn’t this brought forward much more? She presents three great points that must be imbibed by every single female who watches the video: Never underestimate your ability. Make your partner a real partner and keep on pushing for better work. Sure, this may not immediately change the leadership equality, but in the coming generation, it will definitely lead to more women succeeding, and being liked for it. If you are thinking about creating a list of “Best of TED talks”, Sheryl’s video walks into it without a doubt.

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