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The 9 Best Mobile Apps for Professional Development

The 9 Best Mobile Apps for Professional Development

The 9 Best Mobile Apps for Professional DevelopmentLong workweeks and college schedules leave little time for professional development pursuits.
It can be hard to remember that everyone has the same number of hours in a day as overachievers such as Warren Buffet, Sundar Pichai and Umberto Eco.
Indeed, the great scholar Umberto Eco, who was a philosopher, university professor and bestselling novelist inspired great awe when he successfully juggled his passions and was often asked about his superior time management skills.
On his secret, he said “Did you know what will happen if you eliminate the empty spaces from the universe, eliminate the empty spaces in all the atoms? (more…)

How To Build A Network As An Introvert

How To Build A Network As An Introvert

How To Build A Network As An IntrovertNetworking can be vital to professional success, and some take to it like fish to water. These are the extroverts, whose brains are wired to feel pleasure from social activities, and who thrive on the energy gained from interacting with others. 

Then there are others who have an inherent aversion to it and avoid the various networking opportunities at the college and professional level. People on the introverted side of the personality spectrum find engaging in groups quite daunting. (more…)

The Pros and Cons of Job Hopping

Job Hopping VMock

8 Strategies to help you stand out at a Career FairAbout a decade ago, employers were wary of candidates with a history of job hopping. These candidates were perceived to be a risky proposition, with great doubts being cast over their loyalty.

This was the baby boomer workforce era- when the workforce was stoic and long-term oriented, and it was quite common for professionals to stay with an employer for decades or life. Within an organisation, things moved slowly, and long term associations were a demonstration of personal integrity and professional commitment. (more…)

8 Strategies To Help You Stand Out at a Career Fair

8 Strategies to help you stand out at a Career Fair

8 Strategies to help you stand out at a Career FairThe month of February marks the beginning of numerous career fairs in colleges and universities. To supplement general tactical approaches for success at a career fair, here are a few effective strategies to keep in mind to stand out from the crowd.

Start well. Most universities provide career fair information online through websites or mobile apps, with lists of employers attending. Complete any required pre-registration activities for the career fair, such as RSVP’ing online, and signing up for interview slots or meeting slots with companies. (more…)

The Long Distance Job Search

Long distance job search

Long distance job searchSometimes the perfect dream job does not exist in the same town, city or even country. Sometimes the perfect job calls out from across lands and the seven seas. And sometimes a new city is the dream, and a job there is simply the means to make the move.

While this may appear to be an exciting opportunity, a long distance job search may prove to be a tad more complicated than a local job search. However, these complications are far from insurmountable. Like all good things in life, this exercise too, requires focus, preparation and patience. (more…)

How Major Is Your Major?

How major is your major?

How major is your major?In 1957, Ted Turner was 18 and studying at Brown University. He was so inspired by a professor there that he decided to major in Classics.

His father was furious about his choice for a college major; he felt the retrospective nature of the subject was better suited for recreational reading rather than university-level study. He also felt that a more practical and mainstream major would grant Ted access to a larger professional network and bring him in contact with career-oriented doers. In contrast, the academic and intellectual pursuit of Classics, he believed, would slot him in an isolated group of dreamers, with relatively commercially-unviable interests in Greek, such as the works of Aristotle and Plato. (more…)

Extra-Curricular Activities: The Employer Perspective

Extra-Curricular Activities: The Employer Perspective

Extra-Curricular Activities: The Employer PerspectiveI never let my schooling interfere with my education,” remarked Mark Twain, well over a century ago.

Extra-curricular activities began in the United States in the 19th century. At first, they were additions to academic curriculum, and had a practical or vocational component. The history of education provides several instances of schools and colleges according extra-curricular activities high importance and space in their programs. The first extra-curricular activities that were formalized in schools started at Harvard and Yale. These were literacy clubs, such as various debate clubs, and Greek social organizations such as fraternities and sororities. American schools were also the first to initiate sports clubs, which soon overtook literacy clubs in popularity. (more…)

A Career in Investment Banking

A career in investment banking

A career in investment bankingThe portrayal of the famous Hollywood Finance villain Gordon Gecko, in the 1987 movie Wall Street won Michael Douglas the Oscar for Best Actor.

Greed is good.” declared Gecko. Investment bankers are perceived to personify this greed, due in no small part to the image of the industry perpetuated by the media and popular culture.

Joris Luyendijk in his book Swimming with Sharks wasn’t far off the mark when he said, “Investment banking is a trap, a game and an addiction. The reward is big, but uncertain, which makes it exciting and keeps you coming back for more.” (more…)

The New Marketing Age – Should Data Or Instinct Drive Your Decisions?

The New Marketing Age – Should Data or Instinct Drive Your Decisions?

The New Marketing Age – Should Data or Instinct Drive Your Decisions?Is there such a thing as a purely rational, logical business decision? Do business leaders and entrepreneurs rationalize and reason before arriving at that decision? Consider what a data-obsessed world we live in. It isn’t hard to see how central data has become to everyday life. Your smartphone can tell you how long it will take to get to your destination, your fitness tracker counts the number of steps you have taken throughout the day, your smart home device can raise and lower temperatures based on your preferences that it has recorded. Imagine taking that kind of microdata to a macro level and you can begin to grasp how critical data becomes to an organization. So crucial have data scientists become that they have quickly gained the confidence of the C-Suite. In fact, many recruiters make the argument that if you haven’t become comfortable with “data-speak” in the next ten years your chances of gaining the C-Suite are woefully slim. (more…)

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