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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

Thinking like an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial success has been the stuff of corporate legend, case studies, even pop culture-from movies (“Steve Jobs”) to TV shows (“Silicon Valley”) for a long time now. The fact that there has been no dearth of enterprising pioneers coming on the scene from Elon Musk to Zuckerberg, in recent years, only furthers the interest. Silicon Valley has never been more aspirational, headline-grabbing and fantasy-like it is today.

Before we delve into the elusive formula- “How to become an entrepreneur?”- that makes all the aforementioned entrepreneurs who they are, we should pause to reflect why entrepreneurship is perceived as an attractive career avenue. Perhaps it has something to do with the rare, dogged and path-breaking zeal and characteristics of an entrepreneur which ensures a dream to turn into reality. A reality, that not only leaves a legacy, causes some sort of change-economic or social, but also spreads a bit of magic along the way. It was this unrelenting faith in his dream that enabled Walt Disney to bring magic–literally into our entertainment world.
Or perhaps it is an outcome of exceptional, creative thinking. Perhaps it is all this and much more. (more…)

Upping Your Leadership Game

Upping your leadership game

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

The word ‘leadership’ conjures up a defining image of a charismatic person with a massive number of followers, taking charge to make an enduring impact. Someone like Martin Luther King Jr. or Gandhi. We naturally associate the quality of leadership with a rank or position of authority. How else can you inspire any change, if you do not feel entitled to do so, we wonder. However, leadership is really the skill to influence others to maximize their potential, devise a solution and make firm, positive choices. So if we really look at it, it is more about your conviction and far less about the title on your business card.


Skills v/s Qualities

Skills v/s Qualities

Qualities are gifted. Skills are acquired. The question is, which is better to capitalize on? Is it better to realize your qualities and make them your skills, or is it more viable to identify the work skills for resume, which the market demands, and then imbibe them?

The answer is debatable. In our opinion, it should depend on what your goal in life is, which is whether you want to become a successful SOMEONE or a successful YOU. Whether you want to earn a living or earn yourself what you deserve and what you can enjoy doing throughout your life. The much demanded Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Management Skills, Technical Skills and Leadership Skills can all be acquired but to excel at them, you need to be backed by your own intrinsic qualities. (more…)