Capitalizing On Your LinkedIn Profile

With more than 500 million members representing 200+ countries and a whopping 9+ million companies on its platform, LinkedIn’s ever-growing presence is proof of its necessity. For students, job seekers, experienced professionals, entrepreneurs or veterans, your LinkedIn profile is easily the first connect with your next opportunity. One of the biggest advantages of LinkedIn is its authority on Google and other search engines where a complete LinkedIn profile features in the top 3 hits, making you visible to those who can further your professional aspirations. (more…)

How To Market Yourself- The 1 Minute Sales Pitch

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘Sales Pitch’? We usually picture an overeager Sales Rep giving a hyperbolic monologue about their product. Of course, that is not the impression you want to make when pitching yourself for a job. So, how does one pitch without sounding too ‘pitchy’? In the ‘golden days’ of Hollywood, aspiring writers flocked to LA and accosted producers wherever they could (including the elevator) to sell their ideas. With luck, they could hope for 60-90 seconds in front of their audience. The best could deliver a concise but exciting “pitch” in the brief moments between floors- that’s the origin of the “Elevator Pitch”.
Today, the elevator pitch is an impactful verbal endorsement of your personal brand that can supplement your resume and establish you as a deserving prospect for that dream job. (more…)

Developing Your Personal Brand

Developing Your Personal Brand

Perception is an extremely sought after asset. Yes, an asset. In this extremely connected, ‘viral’ world of ours, how you are viewed, mentioned and interacted with, is very evident. Your identity is no longer just a definition of your personality. It is much more than that. It is your qualification to promote your unique qualities, achievements and experiences. It is the special gear that pushes you beyond the finish line before your competitors can work out a strategy. More than anything, it is an outcome of the skill to convert your unique value into a lasting memory. That skill is also known as personal branding.

As you chart your career path, garnering various skills and lessons, accord a fair amount of your time and effort on investing in your personal brand. And we cannot view it as anything other than an investment. Personal branding requires you to consciously build channels and messages that speak how special you are to your professional and personal connections. It requires you to excel at defining those elements that exceed beyond the current situation of your life. (more…)

The Magnitude Of Attitude

The magnitude of attitude

Success is often regarded as a product of uncompromising zeal and that innate quality to confront obstacles and convert them into opportunities. That innate quality generally referred to as attitude is what distinguishes the “extra” from the ordinary, valuable from the dispensable and leaders from the crowd.

Lou Holtz, American football coach and analyst had said: “Ability is what you`re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”