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Unlocking The Power Of LinkedIn Networking

Unlocking The Power Of LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn is the de facto social platform for professionals and an undeniable avenue for job search, building relationships, knowledge sharing and much more. Within a span of few years, LinkedIn has rapidly evolved as an essential hub for our careers. The data proves its omnipresence. With 10 million active jobs, 9+ million companies and more than 100,000 articles published every week, LinkedIn is deftly reshaping how we view and build our professional realm. With every connection made, you effectively extend your reach to 400 new connections, 100 new companies and an average of 500+ jobs. These are compelling numbers and a testament to LinkedIn’s position not only as an aggregator of job openings and industry news but as a massive and an ongoing virtual networking event.

Build The Diversity Of Your Professional Connections

LinkedIn’s true power lies in increasing the diversity of your connections. The platform offers you the convenience to approach that executive who you had an enthralling conversation with a couple of weeks back but don’t know that well. The best way to unearth the benefits of your LinkedIn network is to be clear about what you are seeking. Are you looking to progress to a senior position within your field? Do you want to gather an in-depth view of an unfamiliar industry before a career pivot? Are you choosing which grad program is right for you? Having goals can accelerate the process of finding the right people and the right conversations. With filters and features, LinkedIn eases the mechanism for creating strategic relationships with your school alums, clients, vendors, colleagues, recruiters, influencers-anyone who can be a partner on your professional journey.

Be Mindful And Focused When Connecting

Despite LinkedIn’s increasing ubiquity, several questions and inhibitions cross the mind of novice LinkedIn adopters. Even if I identify who to connect with, how do I initiate? What should I state as my objective for connecting? The foremost thing is to not send generic, mass connection requests with the same LinkedIn networking message- ‘Join my LinkedIn network’! Spend time in researching the person’s background and find common ground through mutual experiences and interests. If you happen to have met the person in the past, use it as a starting point. Be authentic and state the reason for connecting-whether it is for a job opportunity, knowledge building, or an informational interview. Leverage the different filters in terms of location, title or company to make targeted connections. For example, if you want to know seasoned professionals from your industry within the region of the conference you are attending, these filters can come in handy. Plus, LinkedIn defines the degree of separation within your network and connection prospects. Second-level connections are generally easy to connect because of common first-level connections. Increase your profile’s visibility by adding your profile’s URL to your email signature or within your business card. Explore the VMock platform with its Aspire product and improve your profile’s searchability as the system provides specific SEO keywords that highlight your individuality.

Actively Participate In LinkedIn Groups

In order to make meaningful connections, you must proactively engage to build mutually beneficial relationships. LinkedIn groups offer just the environment to connect with individuals who share your interests. From industry news to updates about professional events to rich and specialized resources for your field of study, you will find your preferred niche. Participating in LinkedIn groups opens countless doors to build your voice in the community while marketing yourself to potential recruiters and business partners. LinkedIn groups that you are a part of, reflect at the bottom of your profile and provide a glimpse of your overall personality. If you wish to expand your industry network through LinkedIn groups, introduce yourself and your work through words that resonate with that field or industry. VMock’s Aspire platform solves this problem by listing the exact keywords which fit with your career. You can search for groups that alumni of your school are involved in, or the professional associations or university chapters they are associated with.

Explore And Derive The Benefits Of LinkedIn’s Alumni Tool And Other Student-specific Functionalities

LinkedIn’s Alumni tool allows students and professionals to connect with experienced professionals and seniors of the same alma mater. There are even multiple filters to refine your results on the basis of location, company, industry, skills, mutual connections. Whether you need help for an informational interview or job search tips from alums working in industries of your interest, Alumni Tool effectively builds your network through it all. And you should look to build your alumni network while in school to open potential mentorship avenues (for example, in case you need advice for deciding your major). There are other interesting features such as University Pages wherein you can reach out to your school’s administrators, alumni, and peers and also learn about the recent developments in your school/university. You can also engage in conversations about your career, courses, campus activities with your university network.

There is so much that LinkedIn offers to those looking to grow professionally. From being a virtual hub of job openings and industry developments to a thriving community of professionals and thought leaders with unique nuggets of content, LinkedIn has understandably catapulted itself into the primary destination for all things-career.

VMock’s Aspire delivers you personalized and actionable solutions for improving your LinkedIn profile into one that builds your professional brand, credibility, and value. Explore the platform to enhance your profile and gain the notice of key recruiters, partners, peers and thought leaders.

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