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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

Thinking like an Entrepreneur

Thinking like an EntrepreneurEntrepreneurial success has been the stuff of corporate legend, case studies, even pop culture-from movies (“Steve Jobs”) to TV shows (“Silicon Valley”) for a long time now. The fact that there has been no dearth of enterprising pioneers coming on the scene from Elon Musk to Zuckerberg, in recent years, only furthers the interest. Silicon Valley has never been more aspirational, headline-grabbing and fantasy-like it is today.

Before we delve into the elusive formula that makes all the aforementioned entrepreneurs who they are, we should pause to reflect why entrepreneurship is perceived as an attractive career avenue. Perhaps it has something to do with the rare, dogged and path-breaking zeal which ensures a dream to turn into reality. A reality, that not only leaves a legacy, causes some sort of change-economic or social, but also spreads a bit of magic along the way. It was this unrelenting faith in his dream that enabled Walt Disney to bring magic–literally into our entertainment world.
Or perhaps it is an outcome of exceptional, creative thinking. Perhaps it is all this and much more. (more…)

Upping Your Leadership Game

Upping your leadership game

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Upping your leadership gameThe word ‘leadership’ conjures up a defining image of a charismatic person with a massive number of followers, taking charge to make an enduring impact. Someone like Martin Luther King Jr. or Gandhi. We naturally associate the quality of leadership with a rank or position of authority. How else can you inspire any change, if you do not feel entitled to do so, we wonder. However, leadership is really the skill to influence others to maximize their potential, devise a solution and make firm, positive choices. So if we really look at it, it is more about your conviction and far less about the title on your business card.

So, as you strive to make a noticeable contribution in your job, think of adding value that transcends the immediate objectives of the task or project handed to you. When you realize how your contribution fits into the bigger story for your team, department or company, you would stand out. You would stand out as someone who can handle the responsibility to take decisions. You would stand out-as a leader. (more…)

Add The Value Of Part Time Jobs To Your Resume

Add the value of part time jobs in your resume

Add the value of part time jobs in your resumeHow important are your part-time work experiences? You would have definitely found yourself asking this question at some point during the course of your college life. And if you are slated to join your very first job, then this is a significant consideration for you. The reason, this subject perhaps seems like a challenge is because we tend to inadvertently trivialize part-time jobs. In our quest to find the job that is ideal for our long-term career goals, we overlook those experiences that perhaps do not seem relevant now, however, their contribution in our professional development cannot be discounted.

Applicants new to the job market, grapple with the dilemma of whether to include temporary jobs in their resume, primarily because they are unable to see the value that can be aligned with their career goals. Every work experience, as in life, however temporary or enduring, comes with its lessons. (more…)

Becoming A Master Communicator

Becoming a Master Communicator

Becoming a Master CommunicatorShould your resume talk about the strength of your communication skills? Do communication skills really matter? If so, why? Students working towards securing their first job and professionals looking for career advancement have contemplated this for many years.

The answer is yes! Communication skills form part of the assorted bouquet of soft skills. In an effort to make oneself job ready, we focus a tad too much on honing our core functional skills overlooking the development of soft skills. However, we painfully realize their significance when we are unable to, let`s say, articulate our functional skills during an interview or placement drive.

How clearly we express our educational qualifications, professional experience, skills set and interests in a resume determines the certainty of securing an interview call or a job offer. And it doesn`t end there, the confidence with which we approach a job interview, the alacrity with which we respond to the interviewer`s questions and the tenacity with which we handle conflicting views ensures our career escalation. (more…)

How To Learn The Art Of Hustling For Your Career Goals

How to learn the art of hustling for your career goals

How to learn the art of hustling for your career goalsWhat do Ray Kroc, John D. Rockefeller, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey have in common? They are widely considered some of the greatest hustlers in the world. Another famous hustler from history? Genghis Khan, the Mongol leader who conquered more lands than anyone else in history. The word “hustle” sometimes implies negative connotations. To be called a “hustler” for example is to imply that someone is a trickster trying to pull a fast one. But any job seeker knows that a hustler is someone who has her eye on the prize and makes sure she isn’t dropping the ball when it comes to her professional goals. In this context, hustling is the art of constantly taking action to achieve the desired outcome. (more…)

Key Resume Tips For Veterans

Key Resume Tips for Veterans

Key Resume Tips for VeteransA resume is your first attempt at making an enduring connection with a prospective employer. It carries tremendous potential to be a true representation of who you are, to transform from being a statement of your qualifications into an extension of your strengths and brand. So, your resume needs to aim not just at catching the eye of recruiters but appeal to their requirements so as to result in an interview call. And that is just the beginning-during the interview process, it should serve as a substantive tool for you to guide the conversation and negotiate your terms.

With these inherent multi-fold goals, how do you craft a resume which is most effective and relevant to the job you really want? Coupled with that, if you are a veteran transitioning into the corporate sector, how do you communicate all that you achieved during your military service in civilian job market terms? (more…)

The Magnitude Of Attitude

The magnitude of attitude

The magnitude of attitudeSuccess is often regarded as a product of uncompromising zeal and that innate quality to confront obstacles and convert them into opportunities. That innate quality generally referred to as attitude is what distinguishes the “extra” from the ordinary, valuable from the dispensable and leaders from the crowd.

Lou Holtz, American football coach and analyst had said: “Ability is what you`re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

Much of what we achieve in our career and life in general can be attributed more to who we are than what we know. For, it is our temperament of reacting to stimuli around us which determines how well we cope, perform and influence. Attitude is therefore, an intuitive emotion, one which cannot be instantly crafted to the demands of a job description or personal circumstance. It is, on the contrary, a cumulative representation of our values and outlook born as a response to continuously changing life situations. Our core repertoire of beliefs as manifested in our attitude, in fact, cannot be altered overnight. However, it has a strong impact on the way we act during transition. (more…)

Key Career Center resources that you should leverage

Key career center resources that you should leverage

Key career center resources that you should leverageCareer planning is a demanding exercise, one that requires continuous evaluation of career goals and interests as well as intermittent adjustment of professional priorities. When you begin your journey at college you may or may not have a clear view of what you want to do. Regardless, you should not go to college with a fixed mindset rather approach it as one of the most transformational aspects of your career journey. The key is to maximize the possibilities presented to you. The opportunity to do and be anything is truly possible while you are at school. Once you gather more professional experience, organizations begin factoring your previous experiences strongly.  B-schools present a unique avenue to students to switch careers and focus on functions and industries that they anticipate they can build a long- term career in. For many of you, the opportunity to work in certain organizations may only be possible via the conduit of the recruiting engine at your college.


How To Prepare For A Successful Stint At Business School

How to Prepare for a Successful Stint at Business School

How to Prepare for a Successful Stint at Business SchoolBusiness school, it turns out, is a classic conundrum. On the one hand, an MBA is a highly desirable degree and seemingly a ticket to future success in the business and corporate arena. Yet, on the other hand, the business school landscape is replete with stories of student angst, anxiety and high stress that can lead even the toughest amongst us to crack under the weight of high and unrealistic expectation. When then are business schools so attractive for the highly motivated? Because, prevailing wisdom suggests, business school teaches you the fundamental concepts and ideas that can help you become a successful executive. A stint at business school will arm you with the knowledge you need and prepare you to face many of the issues and challenges you will undoubtedly face as you navigate the business world while giving a boost to your resume, abilities, self-assurance and confidence. (more…)

5 Essential Elements Of A Perfect MBA Resume


5 essential elements of a perfect MBA resumeWhat does the best resume look like? While this article may not prove to be the magic spell that helps you create the best resume, it will definitely help you determine what to put on a resume, so that it definitely gets you that elusive interview call. A well-polished resume is a critical component of your B school kit. It takes time to build a good resume and starting early in the academic cycle helps as one can go through multiple reviews to get a resume- interview or career fair ready.

Here are the five essential elements, a perfect MBA resume should have (this is by no means a comprehensive list, so please make sure to check the career center resources for finer details on good resume writing) (more…)

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