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How to excel in Career Fairs


How to excel in Career FairsWith a student`s academic calendar already packed with numerous class projects, seminars and career treks, you may wonder if attending a career fair is really useful? But, come to think of it, who would like to pass up on the opportunity to meet a large number of recruiters from diverse industries and regions at a single location in a short span of time? Of course, No one! Career fairs are great platforms for career guidance and to familiarize yourself with the prevalent industry trends, career growth, career development, the kind of job roles that are in demand, the expected skill sets and positions available. But the most critical benefit of attending career fairs is to really master your networking skills and make valuable contacts. Talking with industry leaders, company executives and alumni, in- person, can grant you the practical, first-hand knowledge about the various career paths suitable for your interests, values and competence. Various career fairs equal various career opportunities.

When it comes to career fairs, you really are spoilt for choice. Other than your school facilitating at least two fairs in an academic year (one usually in spring and another in the fall), you also have the option of attending various national/regional fairs organized by certain professional associations and communities. You can target specific companies and industry experts belonging to a particular demographic or academic discipline. These are usually organized by national associations and are conducted on a much larger scale. (more…)

Making the most of Networking Nights

Making the Most of Networking Nights

Making the Most of Networking NightsGrad students nowadays see “networking” as one of the prime reasons to pursue their graduate degrees. While the main reason for doing so remains moving up the career ladder and a better prospect at the next career junction, having a good network and building the right contacts in school can lead to a plethora of professional networking opportunities that might have been impossible pre-grad school. Whether that is the next shot at the $100K job offer or funding for your next startup idea – the possibilities are seemingly endless.

So, what does it take to make the most of that “famed” networking night on campus that students look forward to? With these simple and effective networking tips, you can be rest assured that you are making the most of your time and deriving maximum value from these events. (more…)

6 amazing TED talks for MBA students

6 amazing TED talks for MBA studentsIn the ever growing business world, any firm, big or small, needs leaders. Not just the ones who are running the firm but emerging leaders from various facets that can take the business forward. And for B-School students, it becomes even more crucial to embody some of the most important traits that translate to leadership success. With that in mind, here is a list of 6 of the best and most inspiring TED talk videos that an MBA student must watch. (more…)

Maximizing a latent resource – your Alumni Network

Maximizing a latent resource-your Alumni Network

Maximizing a latent resource-your Alumni NetworkSeveral studies in the recent past strongly point towards the criticality of networking in a job search. Some experts opine as close to 80% of jobs today are obtained through referrals of some kind. With such trends, students would do well to leverage all the job search resources at their disposal. One such extremely valuable resource is the alumni community of your college. They are treasure troves of industry knowledge and career advice which in turn finds credence from their vast and practical work experience.

However, before you start the process of identifying and reaching out to alumni, it is important to understand what your goals are for connecting with your alumni. Alumni usually have limited time and they can very quickly see through genuine connect vs. a candidate who is just trying to get shortlisted for the company they work for. You may have a few reasons to reach out: (more…)

5 Important Undergraduate Resume Pointers


5 Important Undergraduate Resume PointersNobody can discount the importance of a first impression. And when it comes to landing an interview, or converting one, much rests on your resume. According to various statistical sources, most recruiters spend only a few seconds to go over a resume. Hence, it is imperative that it creates a good first impression. With that said, we have few important points that we believe you should bear in mind, once you start drafting your resume. 

  1. Format your resume to make it easy to read: Imagine a recruiter holding two resumes in his hands. In one, he has a resume with endless text, no defined sections, three or possibly four different font sizes and styles, and inconsistent or virtually no spacing among paragraphs. In the other, he holds a resume which is in chronological order, has clear and consistent sections with defined headings, font size and style. Which one would he prefer to read first? It is the same as walking into an interview. No matter how technically strong or confident you are, if you walk into the interview wearing an outfit which is too jarring or unprofessional, it would fail to create a good first impression. So, suit up your resume format, and see how it creates an advantage for you.


5 key ways to prepare for an Interview

5 Key Ways to Prepare for an Interview

5 Key Ways to Prepare for an InterviewInterview preparation is like Math! Practice, practice and more practice! However, don’t become a robot, your goal should be to communicate the best version of yourself during an interview and make sure you move to the next round (or get the offer if this is the final round).

Interview preparation at college particularly B-Schools is not something you start doing when you get the interview call. Any successful candidate will tell you that they started their interview preparation months before they even knew which companies had shortlisted them. Just like you start preparing for GMAT months before you actually take the exam. (more…)

How important is Emotional Intelligence in a workplace


How important is Emotional Intelligence in a workplaceLet us first understand – What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Imagine if you couldn’t understand when your co-worker was angry or when your friend was sad. This ability is referred as Emotional Intelligence. In the simplest terms, emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. There exist many different schools of thought while some give EI importance over IQ and suggest that emotional intelligence can be learned and strengthened, others claim it is an inborn characteristic.

Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer have been the leading researchers on emotional intelligence since 1990. In their influential article “Emotional Intelligence,” they defined emotional intelligence as the subset of social intelligence. Later Daniel Goleman’s book on Emotional Intelligence described that to be successful EQ is more important than traditional IQ measures. (more…)

What exactly is an Action-Oriented, rather an Action-Packed Resume

What exactly is an Action-Oriented, rather an Action-Packed Resume

What exactly is an Action-Oriented, rather an Action-Packed ResumeLIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION.

These are three words, which each one of us has heard. Emanating from the world of showbiz; these three words that direct the lives and actions of those behind the silver screen, those who have action-packed lives. It’s about getting the same perspective and letting these words guide you. It’s about being the director and lead actor of your life and your career!

You can do this by asking yourself what YOU are doing in your life. What is that part of your day that you OWN and is YOUR contribution to the story of your lives?


What exactly are recruiters looking for?

What exactly are recruiters looking for?

What exactly are recruiters looking for?Hundreds of applications and candidatures are scanned before the final Accept/Decline decision is made. Often people give similar answers to the select set of questions in interviews because they don`t put due thought into the different aspects important for the role and organization and what could distinguish them.

Did you go in for an interview believing you are a FIT? When faced with a “What is it that went wrong?” situation, you have to empathize and think like the recruiter and his/her view of the BEST FIT. Your responsibility then is to match the job requirements with the right kind of talent. You have to ask yourself one very simple question which is “Would you hire YOU?”

From my experience, I have put together 10 things you can do differently to make sure you are able to wow the recruiter and get closer to hearing “You’re hired!” (more…)

Skills v/s Qualities

Skills v/s Qualities

Skills v/s QualitiesQualities are gifted. Skills are acquired. Question is what should one channelize on? Is it better to realize your qualities and make them your skills, or is it more viable to identify the work skills which the market demands, and then imbibe them?

The answer is debatable. In our opinion, it should depend on what your goal in life is, which is whether you want to become a successful SOMEONE or a successful YOU. Whether you want to earn a living or earn yourself what you deserve and what you can enjoy doing throughout your life. The much demanded Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Management Skills, Technical Skills can all be acquired but to excel at them, you need to be backed by your own intrinsic qualities. (more…)

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